Brendansbananas is the registered trade name in the republic of Ireland of Brendan Dobbin growing Bananas and Plantains , but also Mangoes , Avocados , grapes ( latley Phylloxers free cuttings from Tenerife) . Routinely we grow black crimean tomatoes , Rosso peppers and historically 30 other pepper types including Numex low heat Habernano . Using triple glazed glasshouses constructed from a stainless steel frame anchored to rienforced concrete , we use lots of technolgy for growing ,controlling , hummidity , temperature , irrigation , ventillation and lighting.
We were awarded contract to build a copy of our main glasshouse here in Bandon for Cork association for Autism in 2002 and it remains a major adult therapy to this day.   https://www.growtrade.ie/horticulture-and-dedication-making-a-difference-in-cork/

I am resing in peace rabbit

This rabbit's great gandfather got in the small glasshouse and chewed every tomatoe plant to 1inch pieces . The tomatoe chain saw massacre

To the left , the Oil burner extended and tested before fitting at Conwy brewery . Major fuel saving costs over gas.

S20 plate heat exchanger 3 pass 12 plate to chill beer ex Conditioning tank to -1oC for canning UK Brewer 2017
 Below a past blast one very famous "Dobbin" beer , but not in Brendan's opinion his best ,,,,

Look out for Dobbin's Yakima Grande Pale Ale in Wetherspoons this summer 2018 , brewed under licence by Conwy Brewery .

"Our customers success is our success"  Here we see 2013 bottling tank and new brother tank on left 2017 , our repeat orders show we are a deliverer of value for money , ( CE marked ZURICH inspected) tanks and beer process equipment .  

Porch constructed catches 10Kw heat on a summer day about 6-10 in winter sun at lower angle.

Dragged out of retirement this 7 vessel fully computer controlled brewhouse was insatlled at Carhaix France for old customer Coreff making it the 3rd brewery supplied by us in 30  years

2017 new 140Hl FV and 105 Hl Ct supplied by us just installed by master equipment handlers TEP Machinery Movement who we knew from 1990 .

Tank farm supplied 2015 and 2017 by us 2 x 140 Hl Fvs 3 x 105Hl Cts . Others 2x 67 Hl Cts on left from 2012.

Tank farm from us

Here under construction direct fired copper , copper heating tube , smooth boil high (87%) efficiency

Following Childrens Bed time Bible stories all our lads have gone on in their faith in Jesus as Creator and Savour. The Word of God is so important even scoobie reads the Bible ! This photo encourages Korean Kids to do the same .

Left : If foxes could talk , they would ask for Dobbin's.
The pleasure frequently, winter and all year round of getting bunches of plantains never looses its delight in rain torn wind swept Ireland.

The Bible told the future in the past and is speaking right into our day ! Read Zechariah 12, 13 and 14 as Israel is top agenda at the UN , now 70 years reborn with major conflict surrounding this miracle Nation.

With my DHL cap on, i surprise my suppliers with a south african accent asking for the parcel for brendan dobbin
keep laughing !